Will eye surgery center?

The Wills Eye Surgery Center in Northeast Philadelphia is the first outpatient surgical center to open Wills Eye Surgical. Wills Eye Surgery Center in Northeast Philadelphia 8400 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19152Map (21 332-7500 (phone) (21 332-7501 (fax). The Eye Surgery Center is committed to ensuring that your experience with us is relaxed and worry-free, from consultation to recovery. To help us, we ask that you read and comply with all guidelines.

The MESC is located on the lower level of the Midwest Eye Care Building at 4353 Dodge Street in Omaha. This ambulatory surgery center, certified by Medicare, Medicaid and the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), provides the highest quality care by focusing solely on eye surgery. Now, Wills Eye brings the same dedication to patient care and medical service to a new network of same-day surgical centers. The Eye Surgery Center, recognized as a Cataract Innovator, is a state-of-the-art surgical center located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Wills Eye Surgery Center at Plymouth Meeting serves the largest geographic area of any of the Wills eye surgery centers in Pennsylvania. Wills Eye Surgical Network is a group of outpatient surgery centers located throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The Wills Eye Surgery Center in Bucks County was the Wills Eye Surgical Network's first multi-specialty outpatient surgery center in Pennsylvania. To accommodate growing demand, The Wills Eye Surgical Network moved the center to a 10,000 square foot facility on the site of the former Shriner's Hospital on Roosevelt Boulevard.

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