Are ambulatory surgery centers profitable?

Outpatient surgery centers can still be cost-effective. In some areas of the country, the rate of return is better than in most other investment opportunities. There is the possibility of generating your own business and recovering more of the money that has been taken by the reimbursement cuts. Not including the 12 new cardiovascular procedures approved by CMS this year).

Surgery centers not only provide potential income to doctors, but they also offer a great benefit to their patients. Through timely and affordable surgical care (for qualifying procedures), your patients will be in and out in a day without needing to spend the night. This higher production rate reduces procedural costs for patients, as fewer resources are required to get in and out of surgery (recovery time, space to sleep, etc. Surgery in the outpatient center (surgery performed on the same day that does not require hospitalization) is also becoming more common.

made possible by advances in surgical techniques, sedation and post-operative pain management, making it more accessible and convenient for patients.

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