Where is the cardioregulatory center located?

The cardioregulatory center of the brain is located in the medulla oblongata. Two nerves connected to the medulla oblongata work to control the heart rate with the release of hormones. The cardiovascular center is a part of the human brain that regulates the heart rate through the nervous and endocrine systems. It is considered one of the vital centers of the medulla oblongata.

The primary control of the heart resides in the medulla oblongata. There is an area called the cardioacceleratory center, or pressor center, in the upper part of the medulla oblongata, and an area called the cardioinhibitory center, or depressor center, in the lower part. Together they are called a cardioregulatory center because they interact to monitor the heart rate, etc. This preview shows pages 1 - 4 of 12 pages.

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