Do Surgeons Have Weekends Off?

Do surgeons have weekends off? It's a common question, and the answer is yes, but it depends on the situation. In cases of emergency or public health crisis, their shifts may be longer. Generally, more experienced surgeons tend to work longer shifts than those with a year or less of experience. This is because more experienced professionals are more confident in their abilities and are more comfortable working long shifts.

A surgeon's appointment can last between 12 and 28 hours. To compensate for their long shifts, surgeons usually work fewer than six days a week, with an average weekly schedule of four days. After training, the average general surgeon works 50-60 hours per week (not including time available to call). Depending on the chosen practice situation, you can be on call as much as all the time (if you are in a private individual practice) or once a week (if it is a large group practice).When it comes to marital status, there is currently no data available on male surgeons. However, more than 60% of female surgeons are married and 40% of female surgeons have children.

Most surgeons are married to other professionals (doctors, lawyers, for example).The number of hours spent at work (in the hospital or in the office) decreases the number of hours available for other activities, including chores and leisure activities. To make up for this lack of time, most surgeons can hire activities (such as cleaning the house or doing garden work) that they don't have time to perform. Additionally, most surgeons have in-home child care for their children.

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