What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Surgical Team Members?

Surgical technicians are essential in the operating room, as they help to create a sterile environment and provide the necessary tools for the surgeon. They also assist with patient safety and privacy. The operating room team consists of the surgeon, assistants, a cleaning person, an anesthesiologist, and a circulating nurse. Each member of the team has a specific role in ensuring the best outcome for the patient. There are many specialties in the field of surgery, such as neurosurgeons who specialize in brain and nervous system treatments, or cardiovascular surgeons who focus on cardiac or arterial operations.

The surgeon and their first assistant (or second if necessary) are the only sterile members of the team. They wear special sterile gowns, gloves, masks, and hats as they surround the patient. Using a variety of instruments, they can correct anatomical deformities, repair or replace tissues and bones after injuries, or perform preventive surgeries. Surgical assistants help with visibility of the surgical site, manipulate and use sterile instruments, insert tubes, initiate intravenous lines, control bleeding, close the wound, and apply dressings. They also work closely with the surgical RN to prepare the room and configure the sterile field.

It is important to avoid frequent changes in the members of the central surgical team as they are a professional and well-coordinated team. Being a good first aid requires knowledge of anatomy and physiology, surgical management of tissues, understanding of surgical instrumentation and its use, and familiarity with the procedure. The first surgical aid is responsible for helping the surgeon perform the case and rubbing in the sterile surgical field. In addition, classical surgery departments often provide doctors for emergency patient treatment in the emergency room or support emergency doctors with consultations in cases of surgical emergencies. A surgical team consists of a surgeon, an assistant surgeon, an anesthetist, a nurse anesthetist, a circulating nurse and a surgical technologist. The cleaning nurse is also scrubbed in the sterile field and is responsible for preparing, organizing and providing various surgical tools and instruments to the surgeon and first aid during the case. For all surgical procedures there is a sterile member called a cleaning nurse or surgical technologist to organize instruments and pass them to the surgeon when needed.

Classical surgery departments consist of several different types of surgical equipment with different tasks in daily hospital life. When patients arrive at the hospital or surgical center, they will be seen by their surgeon who will explain the procedure and its possible risks before obtaining informed consent. The classic surgical department of a hospital requires operating rooms with professional surgical equipment to perform operations. Observations have revealed that interpersonal relationships in the operating room can be shaped by its environment which begins when it is prepared for surgery and evolves as it progresses. Surgical technologists work with all members of the team but specifically with the surgeon to prepare and deliver instruments during surgery. The circulator assists outside of the sterile field.

They are primarily responsible for configuring the sterile surgical field for safety, efficiency, and maintaining it throughout the procedure.

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